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Journalist Michael Kavanagh Discusses Congo Reporting at William & Mary


Event Date:

September 18, 2017 | 12:00 PM EDT


College of William & Mary
Blow Memorial Hall, 201
262 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Congolese President Joseph Kabila proposes a toast during a state banquet in honor of President Jacob Zuma at the African Union Village in Kinshasa. Image by GCIS, courtesy of GovernmentZA on Flickr.

An investigation into the business and financial links of Congo's President Joseph Kabila as he...

Cover image from the report "All the President's Wealth." Produced by the Congo Research Group and the Pulitzer Center.
Cover image from the report 'All the President's Wealth.' Produced by the Congo Research Group and the Pulitzer Center.

The December 2016 transition of power from Joseph Kabila's decade-long term in office was meant to be a peaceful one; the first of its kind in the nation's history. Instead, President Kabila postponed elections, violently quashed protests, and jailed political opponents. The political crisis threatened to undermine two decades of work by Congolese and the international community to stabilize and democratize the country after years of dictatorship and war.

Pulitzer Center grantee Michael Kavanagh discusses his reporting on the constitutional crisis in the Democractic Republic of the Congo at the College of William & Mary on Monday, September 18, 2017. 

This event takes place as part of the Pulitzer Center's Campus Consortium partnership with William & Mary and includes class visits by Kavanagh to discuss his work. Kavanagh also joins journalist Stephanie Hanes, another Pulitzer Center grantee and author of "White Man's Game: Saving Animals, Rebuilding Eden, and Other Myths of Conservation in Africa," and Steve Sapienza, Pulitzer Center senior producer, for the 2017 kick-off of the Sharp Writer-in-Residence Program, now in its seventh year.

Kavanagh's September 18 talk is free and open to the public. 


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