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Filmmaker Callum Macrae Visits University of Pennsylvania for No Fire Zone Screening

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February 5, 2015 | 6:00 PM EST
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While the world looked away as many as 70 thousand civilians lost their lives, most at the hands of...

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No Fire Zone sheds light on the military offensive in the final months of the 26-year Sri Lankan civil war, documenting summary execution, torture and sexual violence with direct evidence recorded by both victims and perpetrators. Image by Callum Macrae. Sri Lanka.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Callum Macrae visits the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday, February 5, as part of his U.S.-Pulitzer Center tour and the latest Campus Consortium partnership visit to Philadelphia. During the visit, Macrae screens his documentary, No Fire Zone, which tells the story of the final 138 days of the 26-year Sri Lanka civil war and sheds light on the government's brutal military offensive.

Through powerful personal stories, eyewitness testimony and video evidence, No Fire Zone shows how thousands of civilians were told to gather in what the government promised would be a no fire zone and were then systematically shelled and deliberately denied adequate food and medicines. No Fire Zone incorporates direct evidence of summary execution, torture and sexual violence via footage recorded from within the zone by both victims and perpetrators on mobile phones and small cameras.

Besides the documentary's subject matter, Macrae discusses his post-production efforts to raise awareness of these human rights issues. Teren Sevea, assistant professor, South Asia Studies at the University, will join the post-screening discussion with Macrae.

No Fire Zone is one of five films to win the 2014 BRITDOC Impact Award, which celebrates standout documentary films that are changing the world. The documentary also was nominated for an International Emmy Award.

Watch the trailer for "No Fire Zone."

Thursday, February 5
Cohen Hall 402
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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