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'Blue Sky Days' Featured in Surveillance.02 Exhibition

Event Date:

March 12, 2015 - May 7, 2015
Image by Tomas van Houtryve. United States, 2014.

A drone's-eye view of America reveals the changing nature of war, privacy, and government...

Media file: screen_shot_2015-05-19_at_3.35.35_pm.jpg
Still image from 'Blue Sky Days' short by Tomas Van Houtryve. United States, 2014.

A contemporary art space in Dubai features Tomas Van Houtryve's "Blue Sky Days" project from March 12 to May 7, in "Surveillance.02," an exhibition which focuses on interdisciplinary artists whose practices incorporate camera, satellite, and drone to question corporate and state surveillance, and energy production.

East Wing, an exhibition space founded in Doha in 2012, curates contemporary photography projects to develop an international platform for innovative projects.

Van Houtryve's Blue Sky Days project, which reveals a drone's-eye view of America, has received several top honors including the 2015 ICP Infinity Award for Photojournalism; Pictures of the Year International Award of Excellence Issue Reporting; White House News Photographers Association First Prize Multimedia; World Press Photo Second Prize Contemporary Issues; and TIME Magazine's Top 10 Photos of 2014.

Van Houtryve's photography and writing often focus on aspects of contemporary warfare and those activities of the modern state that are notable for their near invisibility, such as drones, surveillance, nuclear testing, and Cold War ideology. His work also been featured in solo exhibitions of his work in Paris, New York City, Spain and Italy.

Surveillance.02 Exhibition
March 12 to May 7, 2015
East Wing Gallery
12 Limestone House
Dubai International Financial Centre
Ritz Carlton Annex
Dubai, United Arab Emirates