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Meet the Journalists of the Common Language Project

Sarah Stuteville, Alex Stonehill, and Jessica Partnow are multi-media journalists with Seattle-based, an award-winning nonprofit multimedia publishing house whose mission is to engage, educate and inform Americans of all ages on the crucial human issues of our time through innovative and accessible journalism.

Water Wars: Ethiopia and Kenya explores the water scarcity crisis in East Africa that is fueling conflict and thwarting development. The Common Language Project journalists take an in-depth look at East Africans' struggles for water and how the actions of Americans are both alleviating and intensifying the problem.

"Why did you decide to report on this issue?" For the Pulitzer Center, Common Language Project members Sarah Stuteville, Alex Stonehill, Jessica Partnow explain the significance of their project on water scarcity in East Africa.

"What has been your biggest hurdle reporting on this issue?"

"How is this story related to issues in the U.S.?"

"How has climate change news coverage evolved since you started reporting on these issues, and what could be done better?"