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Davidson faculty, fellows, alumni prepare for Dreazen visit

In a recent article on the Davidson College website highlighting the College's relationship with the Pulitzer Center, 2013 Davidson grad Morgan Orangi quotes the College's Director of International Studies, Chris Alexander: "These journalists come straight from the field and give a sense of real-world relevance and excitement to academic topics. It's an opportunity to learn about a complex and under-reported issue in a region that is gaining attention in our community."

Yochi Dreazen, a senior writer at Foreign Policy, is the next journalist to bring that real-world relevance to the North Carolina campus. He'll give a talk called "Out of Africa: Why the World's Newest Terror Groups are Threatening Africa and the U.S." Sunday, November 17 at 7 pm in the Lilly Family Gallery. He'll spend Monday, November 18 visiting Davidson classes.

The Sunday talk will be followed at 8:30 pm by an information session on reporting grants for students as part of Davidson's Campus Consortium partnership with the Pulitzer Center. Every year two Davidson students complete international reporting projects with support from the Pulitzer Center. Orangi also discusses the work of Davidson's recent student fellows Adrian Fadil '14, Jonathan Cox '14 and Anna Van Hollen '12.

Click here for more details on Sunday evening's events.