Discovering Home

By Amelia Ferrari
6th grade, DC International School, DC

With lines from "Inside the Lives of 4 Syrian Refugee Families" by Aryn Baker, a Pulitzer Center reporting project

Where do we belong?

Where do we go when the storms rage and the fires blaze

And when we seek shelter

Where do we end up?

A journey full of uncertainty, fear and anticipation

We are always searching for something, but what is it?

A home

Suffering and pain, searching in vain

For a place to stay

To raise a family

Just for them

Take whatever risk, whatever sacrifice just for them

After suffering through all that

After fighting so hard

Do you get what you want

More or less

We have to start from zero

To start over

From the beginning

But this time what path do we choose to follow

For the good or for the worse

Sadness changes people

We see things only the way we want to

Uncertainty, fear and anticipation

So could they be good?

Could they be bad?

The scary things,

The sad things,

The painful things

Don't have to be that way

They shape us


Our home

Shapes us the most


Amelia Ferrari

My name is Amelia Ferrari and I am a 6th-grade student who goes to DC International School. I like pizza and chocolate!

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