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Lesson Plan February 22, 2016

School and Identity: Using Multimedia to Examine the Legacy of Indian Residential Schools



Look at each picture in the article without reading the caption.

  1. List words that describe what you see
  2. List what story you think this image is communicating
  3. Write a question you have about the subject of this image.

Read the captions to each image and analyze how the words add new meaning to the photos.

  1. How does the picture look different to you after reading part of the interview?
  2. What is the impact of displaying the photos with the captions?
  3. What details does Zalcman emphasize in the photos that are different from the interviews?

Read the accompanying article and make a list of words that describe Janet and Deb, two subjects that Zalcman interviews.

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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees