Magnets and Balance Experiment:

  1. Who has heard of the concept that wearing magnets can improve health, balance, and strength?
  2. You will test this theory. Get into groups of two or three. Designate one person as the subject of the experiment. The other group members will observe and record the results.
  3. Hypothesis — Will a bracelet with magnets improve a person's balance?
  4. Procedure
    1. Have the test subject stand with both feet on the ground.
    2. Have the subject pick up one leg and stand for as long as possible with it up and not holding onto anything for balance.
    3. When the subject picks up his or her leg, begin timing. Stop timing when the subject drops the leg or has to grab something for balance.
    4. While the subject has a leg lifted, observe details about how the person maintains balance such as arm position or wobbliness.
    5. After the person drops the leg, have the subject stand with two feet on the ground for 2 minutes.
    6. After standing for 2 minutes, attach the magnet bracelet. Have the person wearing the bracelet stand with both feet on the ground for 2 minutes.
    7. Repeat steps b – d.
  5. After everyone has finished, graph the results together with the other groups.
  6. What do you observe about the results?
  7. What are your conclusions?

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