Students were asked to write a commentary based on science writer Erik Vance' and his presentation of The Placebo Effect and Mind Over Body. Listening to the speaker was extremely important as well as observing a deconstructing body language. Students were expected to ask questions, take pleny of notes and come up with a thesis statement.

The Curriculum focus: Science, Language Arts, Creative Writing, International Studies

Before the presentation, students must make sure that they ….

  1. Listen carefully and take notes

  2. Quote accurately

  3. Write down any questions that you have for the speaker

After the presentation, answer the following questions:

  1. What was most effective about the presentation?

  2. What part of the presentation was of most interest to you?

  3. Was the speaker engaging?

  4. How relevant was the subject matter?

  5. How would you use the information presented to you?

 Writing Your Commentary……

  1. Write an effective introduction. ...

  2. Create a small outline for your commentary. ...

  3. Avoid excessive summarizing and paraphrasing from other sources. ...

  4. Incorporate quotes from the presenter. ...

  5. Write a strong conclusion.

  6. Include a clincher statement

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Health Inequities