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Lesson Plan August 31, 2015

Creating Objective Summaries of Current Events in Saudi Arabia


Questions for “In With the Old in the New Saudi Arabia”

  1. What has been unique about the shift to the new king?
  2. What are concerns that people have about the reign of the new king?
  3. What have been some of the new king’s first initiatives?
  4. What evidence is there that the king has become more sympathetic towards conservatives?
  5. How does the author present opposing opinions about the following issues:
    • The new king’s conservatism
    • The king’s quick ascension
    • The role that the king’s son and cousin play in the government

Questions for “Laws of Men: In Saudi Arabia, Women Are Still Assigned ‘Male Guardians’”

  1. How does the article open?
  2. Why couldn’t Sara receive benefits from the social welfare department?
  3. What delayed Sara’s divorce?
  4. What are some the things that women need male consent to do in Saudi Arabia?
  5. What are some of the legal barriers that women face in Saudi Arabia?
  6. According to the article, how do the laws in Saudi Arabia differ from other interpretations of Islam?

Questions for “Saudi Arabia Tries to Keep the Islamic State from Recruiting its Youth”

  1. According to a poll, what percentage of Saudis sympathize with IS?
  2. What are Saudi Arabia’s concerns about IS?
  3. What has the country done to curb recruitment to IS?
  4. What are the similarities between the Saudi interpretation of Islam and IS? What are the differences?

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