Bringing Stories Home: News from the West

Use the story finder below to explore Pulitzer Center-supported reporting published by local outlets in your region. You can choose a news story based on the state you live in or your interest in the topic it covers. After exploring your chosen story, return to the reflection and discussion questions on this page to reflect on the story, the issues it covers, and the power and purpose of local news.

State Reporting News Outlet Media Issues
Alaska In Alaska, Tribal Governments Push for Larger Conservation Role Undark Photo and text Indigenous Communities
Environment and Climate Change
Arizona The Victims and Those Left Behind Yahoo! News Photo and text Indigenous Communities
California San Diego Pays a Lot for Abundant Water. Tijuana Pays a Different Price for Water Scarcity. Voice of San Diego Photo and text Environment and Climate Change
Colorado Amid Drought, Tijuana Is Paying California for Colorado River Water Voice of San Diego Text Environment and Climate Change
Hawai’i Fighting To Save This Rare Maui Forest Bird From Extinction Honolulu Civil Beat Video, photo, and text Environment and Climate Change
Idaho Why Idaho Still Depends on Private Prisons Despite Fraught History Boise State Public Radio Text and photo Criminal Justice
Montana A Mother's Death In Tribal Jail Highlights Need For Medical Care On-Site*Content warning: Descriptions of state violence Boise State Public Radio Audio, photo, and text Criminal Justice
Oregon The Massive Dam Removal on the Klamath May Save Salmon but Can’t Solve the West’s Water Crisis The Seattle Times Video, photo, and text Indigenous Communities
Environment and Climate Change
Utah ‘The Talk’: These Teens From Rural Utah Are Filling ‘The Gaps’ in Sex Ed The Salt Lake Tribune Video, photo, and text Children and Youth
Washington From Here and From There The Seattle Times Audio, photo, and text Migration and Refugees
Wyoming The Great Dying: Shall Furnish Medicine Part 1 The Modern West Audio, photo and text Indigenous Communities