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Pulitzer Center Update August 23, 2016

This Week: When the Arab World Came Apart

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Black and white image of children in silhoutte from an IDP camp in Iraq.

The unraveling of the modern Middle East, from the Iraq War to the rise of ISIS and the global...

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Hajaj refugees
Refugees in Hajaj. Image by Paolo Pelligrin. Iraq, 2016.

Explaining the Middle East

Scott Anderson

It is, without doubt, one of the year's most significant pieces of journalism. "Fractured Lands," grantee Scott Anderson's epic narrative of the modern Middle East, continues to draw critical acclaim and national attention. Scott has been interviewed by Bloomberg's Charlie Rose, the PBS NewsHour's Hari Sreenivasan and Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. Scott's 40,000-word story, accompanied by Paolo Pellegrin's haunting photography, explains the unraveling of the region through the personal experiences of six individuals. As one New York Times reader put it: "Telling the stories of real people in the Middle East is a devastatingly effective way to help Westerners understand the complexity of the conflicts there."

A 360° virtual reality film by Ben Solomon accompanies the project. Connect your students with the VR experience using this plan from our Lesson Builder.

Leprosy, A Love Story

Ross Velton

In grantee Ross Velton's short documentary, love blossoms and kindness triumphs in one of the world's last leper colonies.

Olympic Fever

Sonia Shah

The Olympics can be hazardous to your health. Grantee Sonia Shah reports on how the games spread disease and leave compromised health systems in their wake.


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