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Pulitzer Center Update November 23, 2013

Walking the World: 7 Years and Counting

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As Paul Salopek journeys around the world on foot, he will follow the migration pathways of our...

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Salopek speaks to students in the Afar region of Ethiopia in February. The Afar are nomads, people who move from place to place, so their schools have to move with them. 'The Ethiopian kids would give almost anything to finish their schooling,' Salopek said. 'They are driven.' Image by John Stanmeyer / For National Geographic.

Paul Salopek is on a seven year trek, literally walking around the world — and he's posting photos, videos and comments about his journey online. Guest host Celeste Headless speaks with Salopek and Pulitzer Center education advisor Homa Tavangar, about the different things kids can learn by seeing the world through Paul's eyes.


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees