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Pulitzer Center Update July 9, 2008

Truth and consequences, on Darfur



Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices raises some disturbing questions in his blog on media coverage of Darfur — on why this conflict has received more coverage than others with comparable or greater costs in deaths and displacement, and on whether the success of groups like Safe Darfur in rallying public interest in Darfur has also contributed to an over-simplified view of a complex conflict.

The Pulitzer Center has attempted through its projects to shed light on all aspects of the conflict in Sudan, from our 2006 project on the African Union's role in Darfur to subsequent work on the government's conflict with the Beja people of eastern Sudan and the return of several Lost Boys to southern Sudan. Heba Aly is currently in nothern Sudan on another Pulitzer Center project, reporting on why many Sudanese Arabs feel alienated from their government as well.

Ethan raises issues we all need to address. So does the essay he references by Mahmood Mamdani of Columbia University from early 2007, in the London Review of Books.