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Pulitzer Center Update November 9, 2009

Reception with Bangladeshi social entrepreneur Mohammed Rezwan and "Easy Like Water" filmmakers, DC, 11/9

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In Bangla, "easy like water" translates roughly as "piece of cake." The irony is that in Bangladesh...

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The Pulitzer Center is pleased to honor Bangladeshi social entrepreneur and architect Mohammed Rezwan at a reception taking place next Monday, Nov. 9 in Washington, DC in cooperation with The Global Fund for Children (see full event details below).

Rezwan's work is the focus of the documentary film, "Easy Like Water," a project by Steve Sapienza and Glenn Baker that the Pulitzer Center is supporting, in partnership with the Sundance Institute. Using solar-powered floating schools, Rezwan is turning the front lines of climate change into a community of learning. "Easy Like Water" tells an inspiring story of hope, action, and homegrown innovation in the face of rising rivers and seas that threaten millions.

We are seeking to draw to this event policymakers and analysts, as well as potential partners for funding, broadcast, and outreach.

Seating is limited.
Please RSVP by 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6 to [email protected] or (202) 222-0804

This event has passed. Read more about this event in the Global Fund for Children blog, "On the Road: An evening honoring Mohamed Rezwan"


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Environment and Climate Change
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