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Pulitzer Center Update June 29, 2009

Pulitzer Center joins with YouTube on Reporters' Center


The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting joins in the June 29 launch of Reporters' Center, the latest venture from YouTube's News and Politics Channel. The channel serves to bridge the gap between citizens and traditional news outlets.

"For the first time on YouTube, veteran journalists are making themselves openly available to aspiring reporters around the world who want to report on the news and events happening around them," said Steve Grove, head of news and politics at YouTube.

Renowned journalists Bob Woodward, Katie Couric, Nick Kristof, and Scott Simon offer guidance on how to report effectively through video. The Pulitzer Center offers tips from Jon Sawyer and Nathalie Applewhite on how to pitch an untold story and how to use video to bring a story to life.

Last year, the Pulitzer Center and YouTube collaborated on the international video competition, Project: Report. There were nearly 3 million downloads of Project Report competition and contestant videos.

"YouTube has been a terrific platform for the nearly 40 short videos the Pulitzer Center has produced for public television, and for the dozens of "share your stories" videos from around the world that have been posted in response to our Pulitzer Gateways on water, food insecurity, India, and women and children in crisis," said Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center executive director.