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Pulitzer Center Update February 22, 2012

Photography by Richard Mosse Featured in The New York Review of Books


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Nowhere to Run

Richard Mosse is known for challenging convention on the photojournalist's role. His book Infra...

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Image by Richard Mosse. Democratic Republic of Congo, 2011.

A photograph from Richard Mosse's "Infra" was featured in The New York Review of Books along with an article by New York Times Africa correspondent Jeffrey Gettlemen about "Warfare in Independent Africa," a new book by William Reno. "Infra," Mosse's first monograph, was co-published by Aperture Foundation and the Pulitzer Center.


In December 2009, the Lord's Resistance Army, a brutal African rebel group guided by a wig-wearing commander named Joseph Kony, massacred more than three hundred people in a remote corner of northeastern Congo. Most of the victims were clubbed to death, some were killed with machetes, a few were shot, and a few more were strangled. The LRA, as it is widely known—in Congo it's simply called tonga-tonga, which means something like "those who attack silently"—had just kidnapped hundreds of people and was moving quickly through the bush. Anyone who couldn't keep up was killed. Most often the other conscripts, many of them children, were forced to do the killing.

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