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Pulitzer Center Update February 5, 2007

The End of the Foreign Correspondent?


On January 23rd, the legendary Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski died. The next day The Boston Globe closed its last three foreign bureaus. Kapuscinski was the inspiration to a generation of foreign correspondents, Poland?s only reporter outside its own borders during the Cold War who, since he couldn?t cover everything, had the latitude to report at length what he found interesting. The Globe, like The Baltimore Sun and other smaller-city papers, was forced to reduce its foreign coverage to save editorial jobs closer to home.

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Jon Sawyer
Director, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Thomas Crampton
Paris correspondent, International Herald Tribune
Blogs for proto-blogger Joi Ito

Will Stebbins
Bureau chief for the Americas, Al-Jazeera English

Allison Kaplan Somer
Blogger, An Unsealed Room
Middle East editor
, Pajamas Media

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