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Pulitzer Center Update December 2, 2009

Announcing: Dispatches from Copenhagen



The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce that seven journalists will be in Copenhagen for the upcoming COP15 conference beginning December 7, 2009. This December, the Conference of the Parties (COP) is meeting with the challenge of instituting a new global climate change agreement to take over after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. Read dispatches from Jeff Barbee, Daniel Grossman, Sara Peach, Bill Wheeler and Anna-Katarina Gravgaard, Steve Sapienza and Glenn Baker as they blog and tweet their latest Copenhagen reports to the newly launched Pulitzer Center blog, "Heat of the Moment: Dispatches from Copenhagen."

The Pulitzer Center is part of the Copenhagen News Collaborative, a cooperative project bringing together reports from several independent news organizations, including the Pulitzer Center, Center for Investigative Reporting/Frontline World, Mother Jones, Grist, and the Nation. Check out the constantly updated feed here from Mother Jones, the Pulitzer Center's special "Heat of the Moment" climate change portal and the Center's Copenhagen Dispatches blog.

Award winning print journalist and radio and web producer Daniel Grossman reports in his first Copenhagen blog, excerpted below:

"The world will be watching Copenhagen between December 7 and 18. The Copenhagen Climate Conference is the most important meeting of climate negotiations since the Kyoto conference in 1997. The Kyoto Accord that came out of that conference expires in 2012. Kyoto, it is widely acknowledged, did not succeed in achieving its goal; reducing carbon dioxide emissions. A new regime is needed. Many scientists say humanity must act very soon lest the impacts of global warming become not merely bad but absolutely catastrophic..."