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Artikel Publication logo Mei 27, 2021

Menuju Surga Tanah Bertuah


Indonesian farmer bends down to plant crops in a garden.
bahasa Indonesia

Liputan ini mengupas upaya sebuah rumah sakit di pedalaman Kalimantan Barat, tepatnya di Sukadana...


Fog fills the canopy cover of Gunung Palung National Park. Image by Tim Laman/Pontianak Post. Indonesia, 2021.

The speed boat that we were riding on drove down the Kapuas River to the south of West Kalimantan. Rows of mangrove trees lined the riverbank during the trip. For six hours, we travel on this heavily loaded boat that will take us to Sukadana, North Kayong.

River waves occasionally hit the speed boat. Especially when “speed,” as passengers often pronounce speedboat, passes other fast boats. The wind was getting stronger when the speed began to come out of the Kubu estuary and enter the Telok Batang waters. The rain came and made the waves rise. The shaking of the boat was getting stronger. Raindrops began to enter on the right and left side of the boat. Thankfully, the rain soon subsided.

The time was already 2 p.m. It had been six hours since we started our journey from the Kapuas Indah Pier, Pontianak. In the distance, we started to see green land. Speed continued to lead us to the pier.

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