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Artikel Publication logo Juni 24, 2021

Cerita 5 Dusun Kecil Jambi Tembus Pasar Karbon Dunia


CNN Indonesia

Since receiving the village forest permit, a community has formed a group to manage a forest area.

Cerita tentang orang-orang desa yang turut andil memberikan napas panjang warga dunia dari hutan yang tersisa di Pulau Sumatera.
Deforestation in Jambi. Image by Wahdi Septiawan. Indonesia.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Tarmizi remembers the first time the villagers heard the term carbon trading. The village, or hamlet, of Senamat Ulu, in Batin Tiga Ulu, Bungo Regency, Jambi is often visited by people from Europe, who transport carbon from their forests.

Carbon trading was on the minds of locals from that time. About five years ago, in the early days, the Indonesian Conservation Community NGO WARSI saw the potential for carbon trading. At first, the community had some hesitations, as did the local government, which was confused at first and did not fully understand the idea.

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