Resistant Wheat: Progress Steady But Slow

Experts in Kenya report steady advances in developing varieties of wheat resistant to the stem-rust disease that threatens an essential crop. But progress is slow—and the stakes are high.

The Famine Next Time

Millions of people are starving unnecessarily in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The world knows how to prevent drought-induced famine. So why doesn’t it?

Escaping from Somalia's Famine into a Perilous Refuge

NGO workers in Kenya, though grateful for the recent influx of aid dollars, are frustrated with the current state of chaos. They want to establish long-term development programs to avoid famines.

Haven and Hell: The World's Largest Refugee Camp

Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled their country to escape famine, but they are not finding significant improvement in living conditions when they arrive at the Dadaab complex.

Water is Life: Women and Water in the Kibera Slum

The international water shortage has created numerous challenges for populations in both rural and urban communities. In the slums of Nairobi, Kenya finding water and a solution falls disproportionately on women – especially young girls.