August 11, 2016 / The New York Times
Scott Anderson, Paolo Pellegrin

Scott Anderson's foreword to "Fractured Lands," from the August 14, 2016 issue of The New York Times Magazine.

Au pairs walk back to the train after shopping at Loppemarked
August 1, 2016 / Rappler
Ana P. Santos, Allison Shelley

How do you go on a cultural exchange program and end up a pregnant undocumented migrant?

A boy rides a bike towards a brick kiln outside of Varanasi, India. Many kilns in the country rely on bonded labor. Image by Ann Hermes. India, 2016.
July 31, 2016 / Christian Science Monitor
Michael Holtz, Ann Hermes

India is home to 18.3 million modern slaves. Can mobilizing freed ones help change that?

7/26\\ NewsHour still
July 27, 2016 / PBS NewsHour
Nadja Drost, Bruno Federico

The economic disaster in Venezuela caused by low oil prices is also an environmental one.

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PrEP; Vaginal Ring; HIV
August 30, 2016 / Scientific American Amy Maxmen
Scientists have developed products to protect healthy young women from the disease—but women aren't taking to them in trials.
Au Pair Illustration
August 28, 2016 / Rappler Ana P. Santos
Life did not go as planned, so May Arnaldo set off for Denmark to be an au pair and made new plans.
Au Pair
August 28, 2016 / DW Ana P. Santos
Workers from the Philippines are desperate to leave the country and willing to pay a high price to wager a chance at a better life.

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cost of cooking with propane gas and electric stoves
August 30, 2016
Makenzie Huber
Magaly Lantigua wants to be a nurse. She thinks a solar oven will help her get there. Lantigua thinks a solar oven will help her save money to attend a university while still caring for her family.
Many were evacuated to camps like this one, in Larisa, Greece. It’s located on a fenced gravel lot dotted with tents, off the side of a divided highway lined by fields the color of sand, over three-hours drive from Athens in one of the hottest, driest parts of the country. More than 800 Afghans and Syrians were deposited here, in the middle of nowhere, by government busses months ago, with no information on why or for how long. Image by Frederick Atax.
August 26, 2016 Sonia Shah
Over 50,000 people fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere are being held in military-run camps across Greece—with limited access to health care, in part due to the economic crisis in Greece.
With a wooden cross necklace clasped around his neck, a rural farmer look down at his hand full of coffee beans praying that conditions will get better. Image by Camila DeChalus. Colombia, 2016.
August 20, 2016 Camila DeChalus
Camila DeChalus examines how small coffee farmers in Colombia are fighting against the impact of climate change. With the assistance of the Catholic Church, they are now experimenting with techniques...


Reporting projects commissioned by the Pulitzer Center
Magdonia Reyes Salazar, a member of the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana church in Sosua, Dominican Republic
Makenzie Huber
Unreliable access to electricity and ever-increasing prices for gas keep almost half of the Dominican Republic from escaping poverty. Some communities are turning to solar cooking as a solution.
Mosque of Shaikh Mohammed Abdel Kareem in Al Jirief west area
Kira Zalan
Blacklisted as a state sponsor of terror, Sudan is waging its own fight against the Islamic State group. Can a government that's based itself in Islamist rhetoric part with its past and stay in power...
Maria Ivanova, one of 500 women that now make up Kyiv police. Image by Misha Friedman. Ukraine, 2015.
Oliver Bullough
The Ukrainians who overthrew their president in 2014 were driven mainly by anger about corruption. It has proved harder to change the country's habits than its leaders.


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Young boys stack bricks inside the Rakta Kali brick kiln. As many as 60,000 children work in brick kilns across Nepal. Image by Ann Hermes. India, 2016.
August 24, 2016
Michael Holtz
Reporter Michael Holtz and photographer Ann Hermes traveled to India and Nepal to report on labor abuses within the brick-making industry.
Edward Alwis arrived at the Hendala Leprosy Hospital when he was fourteen. Now he's eighty-six and he's still there. Image by Ross Velton. Sri Lanka, 2015.
August 18, 2016 Ross Velton
Ross Velton discovers how the cure for leprosy came too late for the patients at the Hendala Leprosy Hospital in Sri Lanka.
Sinjar, Iraq. Image by Paolo Pellegrin. Iraq, 2016.
August 11, 2016 Scott Anderson, Paolo Pellegrin
Scott Anderson discusses how he chronicles the lives of six people to tell the story of the collapse of the Middle East. "We're all living with the fall-out of what has happened in this region."

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News and views from the Pulitzer Center team
August 30, 2016 Jon Sawyer
Reforming Ukraine's health system, cleaning up fashion's supply chain, and seeking relief from sanctions in this week's newsletter.
Panel: Out of Bondage
August 29, 2016 Patrick Reilly, Ann Hermes
Pulitzer Center grantees discussed reporting project on child labor in Nepal's brick kiln industry.
August 25, 2016 Fareed Mostoufi, Roger Thurow
Inspired by Roger Thurow's Pulitzer Center-supported "First 1,000 Days" reporting project, students in The Washington Center's Summer Internship Program build lessons for educators, create...