Launched September 23, 2016 Laura Kasinof
Some 1.1 million migrants came to seek asylum in Germany’s borders in 2015 and more are on their way. What's life like for refugees after they arrive?
Leaders of Nzotheka Support Group for young people living with HIV in Lilongwe
Launched September 21, 2016 Jennifer Stephens
As the world sprints to end AIDS, adolescent girls and young women in Malawi suffer from much higher HIV rates than male peers: a look at this shocking disparity.
Launched September 19, 2016 Christian Belanger
The South African government is working to reform Alexandra Township, one of the poorest, most densely populated areas of Johannesburg, still struggling to overcome the legacy of apartheid. Can it succeed?
Launched September 16, 2016 Joshua Kucera
Examining the cultural, historical, and political meanings of Europe by traveling along its geographical border with Asia.
Refugees from Somalia and South Sudan share their stories during a solidarity walking tour in Berlin
Launched September 15, 2016 Ben Mauk
The crisis in Europe has created entire towns of refugees in rural Germany and prompted an epidemic of xenophobic arson attacks across the country.
Launched September 14, 2016 Rachel Townzen
Syrian refugees have an unprecedented access to and use of technology. Yet in a crisis defined by themes of information and communication, disconnection remains a striking challenge.
Image by Holly Gambrell. Italy, 2016.
Launched September 14, 2016 Holly Gambrell
This investigation into the lifestyles, struggles and cultures of the Roma people living in Rome examines how the Italian government—and citizens—treat the Roma population.
Transgender rights protest held in Lahore after the brutal rape of two khawaja siras in the city of Peshawar in northern Pakistan
Launched September 14, 2016 Ikra Javed
A third gender lives in Pakistan, earning livelihoods through begging, sex work and dancing. But a closer look uncovers the diverse identities and daily realities comprising this trans community.
Brian Castner paddled the 1125 mile Mackenzie River in this canoe to report on climate change. Image by Brian Castner. Canada, 2016.
Launched September 12, 2016 Brian Castner
What climate change looks like in the Canadian Arctic, from a canoe on the Mackenzie River.
Image provided by Amir Hassan.
Launched September 9, 2016 Amir Hassan
Amir Hassan reports from Manchester, UK, on Muslim youth who embrace their heritage, using it to promote non-violence, community building, and a sense of global citizenship.
Ian Johnson interview
Launched September 9, 2016 Ian Johnson, Sim Chi Yin
China's leading thinkers, activists, artists, and authors talk about the future of their country.
The Ataturk memorial statue in Istanbul's Taksim Square on the night of the coup
Launched September 4, 2016 Christopher de Bellaigue
The failed coup of July 15 brought Turks together to defeat an anti-democratic action by the military. But these events have left President Erdogan stronger—and more anti-Western—than ever.
The Chateau de Pontourny is France's first ever Center for Reintegration and Citizenship, a residential center for the prevention of radicalization
Launched September 2, 2016 Elisabeth Zerofsky
The French government is pouring money into developing new "deradicalization" programs for French youth. But does anyone really know how to "deradicalize" someone?
Magdonia Reyes Salazar, a member of the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana church in Sosua, Dominican Republic
Launched August 30, 2016 Makenzie Huber
Unreliable access to electricity and ever-increasing prices for gas keep almost half of the Dominican Republic from escaping poverty. Some communities are turning to solar cooking as a solution.
Mosque of Shaikh Mohammed Abdel Kareem in Al Jirief west area
Launched August 24, 2016 Kira Zalan
Blacklisted as a state sponsor of terror, Sudan is waging its own fight against the Islamic State group. Can a government that's based itself in Islamist rhetoric part with its past and stay in power?
Maria Ivanova, one of 500 women that now make up Kyiv police. Image by Misha Friedman. Ukraine, 2015.
Launched August 23, 2016 Oliver Bullough
The Ukrainians who overthrew their president in 2014 were driven mainly by anger about corruption. It has proved harder to change the country's habits than its leaders.
Image courtesy of Misha Friedman.
Launched August 17, 2016 Misha Friedman
According to all the latest reports, South Africa is making major steps in treating and preventing HIV/AIDS. A look at how the lives of women here have changed in the past three years.
Launched August 12, 2016 Emily Baumgaertner
How close are we to a yellow fever pandemic?
Black and white image of children in silhoutte from an IDP camp in Iraq.
Launched August 11, 2016 Scott Anderson, Ben Solomon
The unraveling of the modern Middle East, from the Iraq War to the rise of ISIS and the global refugee crisis. A landmark collaboration with The New York Times Magazine.
A young pregnant woman in her room in El Carpintero, a section of Petare, Caracas one of the largest Barrios in Latin America. Venezuela
Launched August 9, 2016 Natalie Keyssar
In post-Chavez Venezuela, as an economic and political crisis threatens to plunge the country even deeper into chaos, daily life for many is a struggle for sustenance and safety.
Runners gather early on Sunday morning for a community race at the makeshift soccer field in Kirotshe.
Launched August 2, 2016 Daniel Socha
Over the past two decades fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has torn through the region, leaving widespread poverty and hopelessness. Project Kirotshe helps one community rebuild hope through a youth running program.
Koutsochero camp, Larisa, Greece.
Launched August 1, 2016 Sonia Shah
Europe's failure to provide adequate health care to tens of thousands of migrants trapped in Greece threaten the continent with a flood of new contagions
Au pair Lucila Espinosa Milay, Denmark
Launched August 1, 2016 Ana P. Santos, Allison Shelley
On paper, the au pair program is a cultural exchange program. But for many people, the motivations are economic relief rather than cultural immersion.
Launched July 29, 2016 Vince Beiser
Concrete. Glass. Silicon. Our civilization is built on the most important yet most overlooked commodity in the world: sand. And we are starting to run out.