Kenya Poor Cling to Dump Site

At the Dandora trash dump in Nairobi, Kenya, the scene is otherworldly: smoke from burning chemicals and plastic, rotting debris, overpowering smells, scavenging animals and humans.

Kenya: The Waste Land

For Nairobi's poorest, the enormous trash dump that's slowly killing them is also the only thing keeping them alive.

Dandora's Scavengers and Recyclers

Dandora, Nairobi's primary dumping site, is over capacity. Yet the willingness and ability of government officials to decommission it within the next five years remain in doubt.

Kenya's Nubians: What's in a Name?

For Nubians living in Kenya, the traditional naming process is a generational rotation—and a source of confusion for some Kenyan bureaucrats.

Kenya's Nubians

For decades, ethnic minority Nubians have lived as "Other Kenyans" or simply "Others." They’ve been denied many social, civil and economic rights, including title to the land once designated for them.