Rigorous scientific study of the effects of Agent Orange have been complicated by politics. Journalists document some of the lasting effects of the dioxin Agent Orange in Vietnam, including birth defects, cancer, and infertility. As featured on Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria.


More than three decades after the Vietnam War ended, the Vietnamese people continue to live with the consequences of Agent Orange, a defoliant that has come to symbolize the unintended consequences of warfare.


February 29, 2012 / The Last Word On Nothing
Christie Aschwanden
Decades after humans in Vietnam were exposed to Agent Orange, the consequences of its contamination linger.
November 13, 2008 / Untold Stories
Christie Aschwanden
It's been 18 months since Phung Tuu Boi gave me a tour of his Agent Orange remediation projects in Vietnam. Now I get a chance to show him some of my country.