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Still us and them?

Maysa Albarcha, holding her daughter Sara, shops last month with her sister-in-law, Remy Javed, at the St. Louis Galleria. Albarcha and Sara are St. Louis natives. Javed and her family are from Pakistan.

Islam Q&A

Q: What do Muslims believe?A: The faith that Muslims practice is called Islam, which means "submission to God." Muslims believe in one God, which, translated into anglicized Arabic, is Allah.

Creating Police Force is Struggle

Creating an independent, noncorrupt police force in a place like Afghanistan was never going to be easy, not with feuding warlords and deep ethnic divisions and the temptation of easy money from the world's biggest source of heroin.

Most of Reformers' Work is Left Undone

An overflow audience some 300 strong showed up last week at Iran's main teacher training college to discuss a locally produced film from which government censors had made 17 cuts and whose release had been delayed for nearly two years.

Change in the Wind

After quick victories in Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. armed forces are suddenly on both sides of Iran's Islamic republic, the country that gave Americans their first taste of Islamic extremism a generation ago.