Divers in the Philippines disappear into water as opaque as chocolate milk and blindly dig for hours in search of gold trapped in muddy sediment. It is a risky business: As the miners go deeper, underwater tunnels could collapse or the jury-rigged compressor that provides air may fail. Larry Price and Hari Sreenivasan document the dangerous venture undertaken by adults and children.


Tiny children and teens toil in the gold mines of the Philippines and Indonesia. A risky, often deadly, business, child labor is growing as families rush to exploit the worldwide demand for gold.


April 27, 2015 /
Jon Sawyer, Larry C. Price
“Finally, some action and lives saved." The Philippine government bans compressor mining.
March 30, 2015 /
Larry C. Price
Exhibition features photographs by award-winning photographer Larry C. Price on child labor in the mining industry.