The world--especially the U.S.--wants cheap shrimp. For the $1 billion plus shrimping industry in Thailand, fulfilling this desire comes at the expense of workers. Special correspondent Steve Sapienza reports on the abusive working conditions in the Thai shrimping industry, including corruption, human trafficking and violence.


America's appetite for inexpensive shrimp from Southeast Asia is growing, but at what cost? In Thailand, illegal and abusive labor practices go unchecked to feed a booming demand.


June 27, 2014 /
Amelia Warshaw, Steve Sapienza
Thailand has been downgraded to “Tier 3,” the lowest possible ranking when it comes to combating human trafficking, according to the latest
June 24, 2014 /
Amelia Warshaw, Steve Sapienza
Thailand's downgrade to "Tier 3" highlights rampant exploitation in the shrimp industry and lack of intervention by the government.