The world--especially the U.S.--wants cheap shrimp. For the $1 billion plus shrimping industry in Thailand, fulfilling this desire comes at the expense of workers. Special correspondent Steve Sapienza reports on the abusive working conditions in the Thai shrimping industry, including corruption, human trafficking and violence.


America's appetite for inexpensive shrimp from Southeast Asia is growing, but at what cost? In Thailand, illegal and abusive labor practices go unchecked to feed a booming demand.


February 18, 2016 /
Elana Dure, Steve Sapienza
Global actions go into effect to curb illegal seafood industry practices and human rights abuses. Learn which resources can help you find fair trade products at your local supermarket.
August 31, 2015 /
Steve Sapienza
Activist Andy Hall faces seven years behind bars in Thailand for research he did on labor abuses.