A new collaboration between the Pulitzer Center and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation examines the growing conflict between Canadian mining companies and indigenous communities, farmers and environmental activists in Panama.

Producer Lynn Burgess, reporter Mellissa Fung and cameraman Paul Seeker chronicle this struggle in 'The New Conquistadors' with the aim of engaging the international community in a discussion about mining development in Panama and elsewhere in Latin America. The documentary airs on CBC's The National on Monday, June 18 and CBC Network News on Tuesday, June 19.

The 'The New Conquistadors' website offers an interactive mining map of social and environmental conflicts involving Canadian mining interests in Latin America since the late 1990s, designed by MICLA, a McGill University-based research team. Users can also explore the journey taken by the CBC News crew through an interactive timeline and additional video segments and photo galleries.

This reporting project is a part of the Pulitzer Center's coverage of the global extractive industry. Previous projects include investigations into gold mining in Colombia and deforestation in China.


A battle is being waged in the rainforests of Panama – between those who want to keep their way of life, and those who want economic growth. At stake: billions worth of precious metals.


February 19, 2014 /
Ben Depp, Nadja Drost
Cross continents with eleven of our grantee journalists as they take you into the mines to show you where we get our gold––exposing the hidden social and environmental costs of this business.
February 6, 2014 / Untold Stories
Ben Depp, Nadja Drost
On Feb. 14, the Pulitzer Center releases its newest e-book on the environmental and human prices of gold mining. Whether this resource is produced in a way that is fair to all is very much up to us.