Image by Shiho Fukada. Japan, 2012. Add this image to a lesson
Image by Shiho Fukada. Japan, 2012. Add this image to a lesson

Are you a disposable worker? Are there fewer “good” jobs in your communities?

In the face of a global recession and increasing technology there is a diminishing supply of stable jobs. Companies are shifting to hiring people for part-time, disposable work. While disposable work can manifest itself in different ways, the workers can typically be fired easily and usually they do not have a social safety net.

Pulitzer Center grantee Shiho Fukada has been compiling photography and stories on disposable workers, and wants to know what you have to say about disposable work and what you think we can do to improve how we work today.

Add your voice by commenting on her project page.

You can also join the conversation on Twitter or Instagram by using #disposedJPN. Your stories may be featured on the Pulitzer Center website and elsewhere.

Read Fukada's stories and see her photography on Japan’s disposable workers by clicking through the project link below.


Shiho Fukada documents the lives of disposable workers in Japan in stories that illustrate the global unemployment crisis and the growing gap between rich and poor that has provoked much turmoil.


July 23, 2015 /
Lauren Shepherd, Larry C. Price
Honored multimedia projects range from an investigation into child labor in gold mining to an examination of reconciliation efforts between survivors and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide.
March 16, 2015 / MediaStorm
Shiho Fukada
Shiho Fukada's multimedia documentary illustrates the global unemployment crisis and growing gap between rich and poor.