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Reportagem Publication logo Fevereiro 4, 2022

Raimundão, aos 76 Anos, Luta pela Floresta em Xapuri


Image by Alberto Cesar.

Em 2018 e 2019, mais de 30 jovens indígenas participaram das oficinas da agência Amazônia Real, em...


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Image by Katie Maehler/Mídia NINJA for Amazônia Real. Brazil.

The socio-environmental history of the Amazon included the participation of several characters who to this day live the resistance of their struggles. Among them is the extractivist and rubber tapper Raimundo Mendes de Barros, known as Raimundão, born in 1945 at Seringal Santa Fé, in the municipality of Xapuri, in the state of Acre.

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I am Raimundo Barros' daughter, and being part of this struggle is extremely important for me because I am giving continuity to what he fought so hard for in the past.

Raimundão and Raiara Barros. Image by Amazônia Real. Brazil.


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