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Bruno Estava “Atrapalhando Os Negócios” Dos Assassinos, Diz Investigador da Polícia Civil


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A equipe da Agência Pública está na região para investigar e informar o público sobre as ações das...

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Photo by José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.

Atalaia do Norte (AM) - As the investigations of the inquiry conducted by the Civil Police advance, more details emerge about the motives behind the murder of the indigenous activist Bruno Pereira and the journalist Dom Phillips, which occurred on Sunday, June 5th, on the Itaquaí river.

Although the Federal Police and the crisis committee issued press releases and have held at least one press conference in Manaus (AM), gaining media protagonism for themselves, it is at the Civil Police station of Atalaia do Norte that is conducting the investigation into the crimes. The investigation is being carried out by two civilian police officers from Atalaia and by the police station chief Alex Perez, and is being accompanied by the public prosecutor Elanderson Lima Duarte, who will be responsible for reporting the case to the Judiciary in order to initiate criminal proceedings. The Federal Police is conducting a parallel investigation in which it has carried out examinations with federal criminal experts and has helped in the searches and in taking statements.

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As of last Sunday, June 19, the Civil Police had taken the statements from 14 witnesses and three suspects, including the main defendant who, according to the police, confessed to the crimes: the fisherman and hunter Amarildo Oliveira, known as "Pelado". According to Civil Police investigator Joilnen David Morais da Rocha, who has been working on the case since the morning of June 6, the motive for the crime was "Pelado" and his collaborators' repeated illegal fishing in the Javari Valley. The largest indigenous entity in the region, Univaja, had already denounced, before the crime, the role of "Pelado" in the invasion of indigenous territory for illegal hunting and fishing.

Joilnen David Morais da Rocha, Civil Police investigator in Atalaia do Norte. Photo by José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.

Civil Police of Atalaia do Norte is in charge of the investigation about the crimes. Photo by José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.

Civil Police of Atalaia do Norte is in charge of the investigation about the crimes. Image by José Medeiros/Agência Pública, Brazil, 2022.

The boat that carried Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips arriving at the port of Atalaia do Norte after being pulled from the bottom of the Itaquai river. Photo by José Medeiros for Agência Pública. Brazil, 2022.


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