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Artikel Publication logo November 20, 2022

Foto: Menjaga Kekayaan Alam TNBG Madina


An aerial overview of a volcano and a national park.

Conservation of Batang Gadis Absolute National Park is carried out. Alternative economic development...


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Aerial photo of Saba Godang Lake, Batang Gadis National Park, Mandailingnatal. Image by Mirza Baihaqie/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Community involvement plays a big role

Mandailing Natal, IDN Times—Rich biodiversity is an advantage for Batang Gadis National Park (TNBG). The national park, which was established in 2004, has diverse natural formations, including highland swamp forests, wetlands, river valleys, limestone forests, hilly lowland forests, and mountain forests.

Its flora and fauna are also very rich. According to research by Conservation International (CI), in a 200 square meter research plot, there are 242 species of vascular plants. The research also found a rare and protected flower, a new type of Rafflesia, Padma.

Then various protected animals such as forest goats (Naemorhedus sumatrensis), tapirs (Tapirus indicus), jungle cats (Catopuma temminckii), deer (Tragulus javanicus), binturong (Arctitis binturong), sun bears (Helarctos malayanus), deer (Cervus unicolor) and deer (Muntiacus muntjac), and porcupines (Hystix brachyura) are still found living in it, including the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) as the top predator.

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To date, 247 species of birds have been found in the TNBG area. As many as 47 of them are included in the protected species list. In more detail, seven species are globally threatened with extinction and 12 species are near-threatened.

Batang Gadis was established as the 14th national park through the Decree of the Ministry of Forestry Number 126/Menhut- II/2004, covering an area of 108 thousand hectares. This area covers 13 sub-districts and 73 villages that directly intersect.

Forest rangers in Madina's Batang Gadis National Park routinely conduct patrols to protect the area from illegal activities. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

TNBG officers install time lapse cameras to monitor the growth of rafflesia flowers. Monitoring biodiversity plays an important role in efforts to preserve TNBG. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Impatiens batanggadisensis N Utami is one of the endemic flora species found only in Batang Gadis National Park. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Rafflesia meijerii is one type of flora that grows in Batang Gadis National Park (TNBG). Its size is smaller than other types of Rafflesia. Image courtesy of TNBG. Indonesia, 2022.

TNBG forest rangers arrested illegal mining perpetrators in May 2022. Image courtesy of TNBG. Indonesia, 2022.

Settlements in Ulu Pungkut District, Mandailingnatal Regency are flanked by hills and forest areas. Image by Mirza Baihaqie/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

People farm coffee in the forest buffer zone of Batang Gadis National Park (TNBG). This method is considered effective to protect the forest area. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Mandailing coffee has a distinctive flavor. Forest sustainability also determines the taste of the coffee. Image by Saddam Husein/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Darlis Lubis, a former hunter who now helps KSU Komanja in developing Mandailing coffee. Community involvement in coffee commodity development reduces pressure on forest areas. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Bean sorting process at KSU Komanja. To maintain the quality of its coffee, Komanja conducts a fairly strict production process. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

Banamon is the flagship product of KSU Komanja. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.

A farmer picking coffee in his plantation, Ulu Pungkut Subdistrict, Madina Regency, North Sumatra. Image by Prayugo Utomo/IDN Times. Indonesia, 2022.


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