December 23, 2015 /
Evey Wilson
The Pulitzer Center staff share favorite images from 2015.
January 11, 2009 /
This Gateway provides compelling material related to the role of women in society and the impact of industrialization and international development on women, children, and families.
February 1, 2016 / FrontiersNews
Ameto Akpe
A look at strategies to improve Nigeria's access to family planning.
October 7, 2015
Renaud Brothers, Philip Brasher, Jeremy Relph, Dominic Bracco II, Mark Schulte
A lesson plan to accompany reporting projects that cover child migration.
October 5, 2015 / Untold Stories
Pankaj Khadka
Hundreds of Nepalese migrant workers die every year in pursuit of prosperity and income, yet thousands leave the country daily for foreign employment. This is the story of one young adult.
Three boys in the Ponkrom village, dressed in their tattered uniforms, are shoeless. Image by Olivia Conti. Ghana, 2015.
October 2, 2015
Olivia Conti
What happens when we're told to "walk a mile in his shoes" but the child has no shoes? In Ghana this is an everyday reality making harmful diseases more prevalent.
September 30, 2015
Larry C. Price
Reporting on the hazardous conditions of underwater mines in the Philippines wins in Outstanding Investigative Journalism - Newscast category.
September 21, 2015 / MSNBC
Matt Black
As industry closes in, Native Americans fight for dignity and natural resources.
September 20, 2015 / Wilson Quarterly
Zach Hollo
As India thrives and convulses in its embrace of capitalism, one labor organizer sees himself as the last line of defense for the working class and those being left behind as the country develops.
September 13, 2015
Matt Black
Photographer again wins praise from Time for his 'powerful, black-and-white images' showing reality of poverty and fragile social fabric in the U.S.
September 11, 2015 / The Atlantic's Citylab
Matthew Niederhauser, John Fitzgerald
Those in greatest need of basic amenities are nowhere near the biggest infrastructure investments being made in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.
September 2, 2015
Anna Ziv
Too often, the people most affected by poor water sanitation are also those least able to address the issue. Industry, government, and entrenched poverty all stand in the way of access to clean water...
August 31, 2015 / MSNBC
Matt Black
An auto giant's exit brought a Michigan city to its knees.