Gym worker Avesta Yazdi talks about the situation facing working class youth. Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2016. Add this image to a lesson

We often hear from the upper middle class, educated youth of Iran complaining about the dictatorship. But what about the majority of youth, the working class young people who live in South Tehran and similar neighborhoods?

Reese Erlich explores how young people compare President Rouhani’s government with the populist rule of Ahmadinejad.

We’ll also hear about how they are responding to conservative hardliners who are tapping into frustrations with high unemployment, and threatening to cancel the nuclear deal.


Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2015.
The US fears Iran's nuclear program but the view from Tehran is far different. Veteran foreign correspondent Reese Erlich goes beyond the stereotypes to get the view of ordinary Iranians.


December 6, 2016 /
Libby Allen, Reese Erlich
Veteran Journalist and Pulitzer Center grantee Reese Erlich discusses his reporting with Alabama high schoolers.
Unemployment remains high in Iran
April 19, 2016 / VICE News
Reese Erlich
Iran has been unable to repatriate most of the sanctions money.