Fighting between the Burmese Army and ethnic Kachin rebels has uprooted more than 75,000 people from their homes. Peace talks are deadlocked, and for now the people of "the land of blue and gold" are trapped in a war that seems to have no end.


After decades of isolation, Burma is taking fresh steps toward democracy. The West has strengthened diplomatic ties and trade, but familiar fault lines still threaten prospects for lasting stability.


June 23, 2014 /
Tom Hundley
The Burmese government is committing what some are calling a crime against humanity against its own Muslim minority. Pulitzer Center grantee Jason Motlagh investigates.
June 17, 2014 / Time
Jason Motlagh
Confined to squalid camps, supposedly for their own "protection," Burma's persecuted Rohingya are slowly succumbing to starvation, despair and disease. Some are calling it a crime against humanity.