Join Human Rights Watch, FotoDC and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting for the opening reception of Speaking to Silence: An exhibition on communities displaced, dissidents repressed, and childhood betrayed featuring the photography of Marcus Bleasdale, Platon and Stephanie Sinclair.

Opening Reception
1838 Columbia Road NW
Washington, DC 20009
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Exhibition Hours
Thursday - Saturday: noon to 6pm
Monday-Wednesday: by appointment
For more information contact, FotoDC at 202-337-3686 or the Pulitzer Center at 202-797-5267.

Marcus Bleasdale is represented by VII Photo Agency. He has spent more than ten years covering the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is one of the world's leading documentary photographers. His work, produced in partnership with Human Rights Watch, focuses on the victims of the Lord's Resistance Army throughout Central Africa, combining landscapes depicting the aftermath of LRA attacks and intimate portraits of those affected.

Stephanie Sinclair is a contract photographer for National Geographic and is represented by VII Photo Agency. She has won numerous awards for her photography on women's issues around the world, in particular for her work on child brides. She will be showing her multimedia piece "Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides" which tells the incredible story of child brides throughout Central Asia and East Africa.

Platon is a staff photographer at The New Yorker and one of the most sought-after portrait photographers working today. His iconic work has been featured on the covers of TIME, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire and many others. His recent work for Human Rights Watch and The New Yorker depicts the resiliency of Burmese dissidents exiled to Thailand.


Mbonih Ndele Mari was abducted by the LRA outside Niangara and left for dead by them after they cut off her lips and her ears. She is now in a hospital in Niangara. Her children are being looked after by family close by.
Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, notorious for its use of child soldiers and sex slaves, has stalked Central Africa for decades. How has Kony evaded capture for so long?


October 21, 2015 /
Lauren Shepherd, Matt Black
Fellow photographer Marcus Bleasdale among winners of Smith Fund Fellowship.
October 22, 2014 /
Marcus Bleasdale, Andre Lambertson
With photographs by Marcus Bleasdale, Robin Hammond and Andrew Lambertson, latest Pulitzer Center-Worcester Art Museum exhibit sheds light on children at war.