November 17, 2016 /
Ari Daniel, Jane Qiu
Winning reporting focused on landslides in Nepal including work supported by the Pulitzer Center and published in Nature.
Villagers rebuilding in Langtang, a popular tourist destination in northern Nepal where the 2015 earthquake triggered a monstrous avalanche and killed nearly 400 people, face uncertain future risks. Image by Jane Qiu. Nepal, 2016.
November 10, 2016 /
Jane Qiu
Pulitzer Center grantee honored for reporting on landslide-related reconstruction risks in post-earthquake Nepal.
Bhujungay Village, Haruchaur VDC, Bagmung District where coma patient Giri Prasad BK was born and his family members are living nowadays too. Image by Yam Kumari Kandel. Nepal, 2016
September 20, 2016 /
Shilu Manandhar, Yam Kumari Kandel
Journalists Shilu Manandhar and Yam Kumari Kandel reflect on their experience reporting on Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar.
Panel: Out of Bondage
August 29, 2016
Patrick Reilly, Ann Hermes, Michael Holtz, Fred de Sam Lazaro
Pulitzer Center grantees discussed reporting project on child labor in Nepal's brick kiln industry.
Out of Bondage
August 9, 2016
Michael Holtz, Fred de Sam Lazaro, Ann Hermes
Join Pulitzer Center Grantees on Tuesday, August 23rd for a discussion of bonded labor in South Asia.
Eavesdropping on landslides
April 28, 2016 / Nature
Jane Qiu
Grantee Jane Qiu speaks to Nature’s Adam Levy about how the effects of last year's earthquake in Nepal could be felt for years or even decades.
Debris of the monstrous Langtang avalanche
April 27, 2016 / EGU Blogs
Jane Qiu
Venturing into the landslide-riddled terrains of the Langtang Valley has proved to be more perilous than expected.
Daunting challenge of quake recovery in Langtang
April 27, 2016 / SciDev.Net
Jane Qiu
This photo essay documents how Nepal’s landslide problems have been exacerbated by last year’s earthquake and the daunting challenges this poses to reconstruction, especially in remote mountain...
April 26, 2016
Tom Hundley, Jane Qiu, Ann Hermes, Michael Holtz, Fred de Sam Lazaro, Richard Coolidge
In quake-prone Nepal, monitoring mountains may save lives.
Tibetan refugees in Nepal, the poorest of the poor, are the most helpless quake survivors.
April 26, 2016 / Thomson Reuters Foundation
Jane Qiu
'Invisible' Tibetan refugees in Nepal struggle to rebuild despite being left out of the government earthquake relief and recovery fund.
April 26, 2016 / Untold Stories
Jeremy Rellosa
Months after the biggest Nepalese earthquake in 80 years, the country and its tourism industry continue to feel the effects. From the deadliest day in Everest's history too, climbing seeks to rise...
People lighting candles in Nepal one year after earthquake
April 25, 2016 / PBS NewsHour
Fred de Sam Lazaro, Richard Coolidge
Scenes from Nepal's destruction captured in 360°.
April 25, 2016 / PBS NewsHour
Fred de Sam Lazaro, Richard Coolidge
Has corruption stalled Nepal’s earthquake recovery?