Akpe (center) interviewing a local minister about the consequences of lack of access to clean water. Image by Peter Sawyer. Nigeria, 2011.

The United Nations Correspondents Association awarded Ameto Akpe its Bronze Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation/UNCA Global Prize for coverage of climate change in recognition of her Pulitzer Center-funded investigation of mismanagement of a Nigerian water plant, published in BusinessDay newspaper.

Her reporting was a part of a broader Pulitzer Center initiative that paired West African journalists with American journalists to raise the profile of the problem of accountability in the region’s water sector. Akpe’s investigation was the subject of a PBS NewsHour segment in April 2012.


Abandoned water and sanitation projects deprive the people of Nigeria of a basic human right: access to clean water.


September 23, 2013 /
Ameto Akpe, Jina Moore
Jina Moore and Ameto Akpe visit Loyola University Chicago classrooms to discuss their reporting from Africa.
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Ameto Akpe, Meghan Dhaliwal
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