February 26, 2015 / Foreign Policy
Caryle Murphy
Is King Salman's new court a breath of fresh air—or is it reactionaries looking to take the country back in time?
February 26, 2015 / Foreign Policy
Ty McCormick
Less than three years after independence, South Sudan collapsed into bloody civil war. Could the United States, a crucial backer of the young African state, have prevented the violence?
February 25, 2015 / National Geographic
Tim McGirk
Volunteers fighting polio in Pakistan are under attack as a result of a U.S. health program to track an al Qaeda leader.
November 23, 2011 / Untold Stories
Sara Shahriari
El Alto is one of the fastest-growing cities in South America, but its infrastructure is lagging. The city’s wastewater is piped directly into rivers that connect to Lake Titicaca.
November 23, 2011
Tom Hundley
New Wave of Protests in Cairo
November 23, 2011 / Good
William Wheeler, Ayman Oghanna
With the possibility of a million refugees from the Arab Spring pouring into Europe, the region tightens its border controls by relying on an agency that has been accused of human rights violations.
November 22, 2011 / Untold Stories
Habiba Nosheen, Hilke Schellmann
Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellman reporting on so-called honor killings in Pakistan where women are seen as property of men.
November 22, 2011 / Foreign Policy
Anna Badkhen
Afghanistan's war has no running time. Incessant violence has become the norm for those living in rural villages like Oqa where every life is a wartime tragedy.
November 21, 2011
Sam Mathews travels to Guatemala to volunteer with Global Dental Relief. During his stay, Sam learns about the reality of life for the country's ethnic Mayan population.
November 21, 2011 / Untold Stories
Zoe Jennings
Researchers from the Worldwatch Institute say growing more crops at the expense of land, water and ecosystems will not end hunger.
November 21, 2011 / Democracy Now
Sharif Abdel Kouddous
Violent protests erupted in Tahrir Square a week before the beginning of parliamentary elections. More than a 30 people are reported to have died in clashes with security forces.
November 18, 2011 / Untold Stories
Dimiter Kenarov
Zulbie Ahmed, modern-minded mayor of Ovchari, takes a strong stand against a modern mining company—she confronts the managers of Dundee Precious Metals and consistently votes against their plans.
November 18, 2011 / Liberia Women Democracy Radio
Tecee Boley
The Liberian government claims it has provided piped water to Monrovia's worst slum. Yet, the erratic supply leaves residents with little choice but to keep on consuming unclean water.