By Luís Eduardo Guerreiro Pimentel
9th grade, Colegio Miguel de Cervantes, Brazil

With lines from "The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea" by Evan Osnos, a Pulitzer Center reporting project​

They are coming, they are coming!
Threats and deaths;
Winners and losers;
Families running away and suffering in the way.

They are coming, they are coming!
What is the nation over my pride?
I am a showman, who are you?
I am a spoiled kid, who are you?

They are coming, they are coming!
With fire and fury like the world has never seen.
They want to be unforgettable.
They want to be untouchable.

They are coming, they are coming!
To be in dreams the people's dream.
My word in social media stops the world.
My touch on a chair turns it into a relic.
Who are you, a winner or a loser?


Luís Eduardo Guerreiro Pimentel

Luís Eduardo Guerreiro Pimentel studies at the Spanish school Miguel de Cervantes in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he has been learning three different idioms: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

His teachers always promoted the value of the culture. More than learn the basic subjects, Luís has learned how to value the literature, art, music and everything that helps to see, understand, analyze and translate the world with sensibility.

His interest for reading and writing already allowed him to be one of the finalists on the first Concurso de Relato Breve, a contest, promoted by the Consulate of Spain in Brazil and the Miguel de Cervantes School. He wrote about his grandparents' saga to migrate from Spain to Brazil in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Luis believes that writing is the main tool for those who want to gather the joy, pain, color, and the brightness of life in reports that can survive over time.

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