Religion serves as the social bedrock of many communities around the globe, while also acting as a source of division and conflict. Pulitzer Center stories tagged with “Religion” feature reporting on faith, its effects on people’s lives, and the role it plays in civil society. Use the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder to find and create lesson plans on religion.


Uganda: A lawyer's brief, a mother's grief

Richard Omongole, a Ugandan lawyer and former country director for Amnesty International, is legal adviser to the Gideon Foundation, a small organization that was founded by the father of a child who was killed during a ritual sacrifice.

Uganda: The Man Behind RACHO

Job opportunities were low in Kampala so when a friend offered Paul Odida a job in South Africa the prospect of some money was encouraging. He sold his car, left Kampala on a bus, and headed for Johannesburg. What Paul didn’t know was that the job was to work as a “traditional healer”. Ugandan traditional healers are renowned throughout much of Africa as experts, but Paul had no idea of what the work was about.

Israel: War in My Land

Arturo Perez, for the Pulitzer Center

Jerusalem is a complicated place.

Trying to sum up the story of this city or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in one 10-minute film, or even in this blog post, would be disingenuous and wrong. So let me just say - right off the bat - that this film isn't trying to do that.

Israel: War in My Land

Arturo follows two young people and has them tell their story to the camera. Through interviews you get an understanding of why others refuse to talk with members of different faiths, why they decided to take part in the interfaith communication and what their hopes are for the future.

Kerala’s Models

Any bleak assessments suggesting a collapse of Kerala's Model overlook the greatest asset this multicultural state possesses: its people. Here are four examples—the catalyst of Kerala's achievements.

Kerala and The Gulf Stream

The economy of consuming-but-not-producing in Kerala results in a brain drain, as its educated population migrates abroad—especially the Persian Gulf, sparking numerous profound social issues.

Kerala: God's Own Country

Much has been written about Kerala's achievements, but the Indian state is also a victim of its own success, facing economic challenges ranging from the lack of jobs to declining cooperatives.