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Tough Love Prescribed for Nigeria’s Wounds

Despite the hailed success of Nigeria's elections, sectarian and political violence have rocked the country this month. Nigerians now must learn to live together once again.

Tensions Rise Ahead of Nigerian Poll

In Nigeria's Plateau State, tensions run high after hundreds were killed following last week's presidential election, revealing deep rifts between Christians and Muslims of the region.

Nigeria: Do-or-Die Politics

Post-election violence in Nigeria is increasing. In a familiar scenario repeated since the end of military rule in 1999, political and religious antagonisms sharpen come election season.

Wahala in Nigeria

The breakdown of election results continues to reveal prominent divisions between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria, and all the while police brutality across Nigeria is exacerbating the situation.

An Inglorious Death

Bomb blasts and sectarian violence are on the rise at polling stations and national elections commission offices in Nigeria in an attempt to disrupt three crucial polls taking place this month.

God is Everywhere

With a tense presidential race this month, Nigeria is performing a delicate balancing act aimed at warding off a repeat of the religious conflict that nearly destroyed the country at its inception.

Sudan Referendum

Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on the expectations and high hopes of the predominantly Christian southern Sudanese voters, who are heading to the polls in this historic bid to separate from Sudan's Arabic-speaking Muslim North. Rebecca Hamilton is interviewed in the piece.

Pastor Sainton During the Riots

In the midst of riots and cholera outbreak, Pastor Joel Sainton continues to minister to Haitians with HIV/AIDS.

Boy in Blue

The words cluster behind your teeth;
close in, the smooth patina, deep brown,
of your face is alight with the effort:
you, boy, carrying the weight
of an old man

Dying for Magic in Kampala (in Italian)

The Ugandan Police is hunting traditional healers who kidnap children to sacrifice them. And it's fighting against the greed of a new middle class, which rely on magic rituals to get richer.

Note: This article was originally featured in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which ran this story shortly after Marco left Uganda. Story by Arne Perras, photos by Marco Vernaschi.

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