Public Health

Public health focuses on the systematic prevention of disease and prolonging of life by governments, NGO’s and other groups. Pulitzer Center stories tagged with “Public Health” feature reporting on communicable and non-communicable diseases, the development of medical systems and infrastructure to provide public access to health care services. Use the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder to find and create lesson plans on public health.


Living on a Tropical Planet

Yadvinder Malhi, a leading biologist from Oxford University, says that tropical zones such as those in Peru are bearing the brunt of climate change.

Tanzania's War on Weevils

Tanzania’s struggle against bean-eating weevils is just one chapter in the story of the tension between farmers and the ever-evolving pests that attack crops in the field and after harvest.

Cambodia: From Trauma to Triumph

Counselors at World Hope International, as former victims themselves, draw upon their own experiences in helping young victims of sex crimes in Cambodia.

Panama: The Priest in the Protest

When protests broke out near the Ngäbe-Buglé semi-autonomous region in 2012, American missionary priest Joe Fitzgerald was forced to assume a role that indigenous people could not.

Postcards from Mali

Malaria is the leading cause of death in Mali, so I went to write about the disease. But outside of this tragic reality, there's also art, kindness and beauty like I’ve never witnessed before.