Public Health

Public health focuses on the systematic prevention of disease and prolonging of life by governments, NGO’s and other groups. Pulitzer Center stories tagged with “Public Health” feature reporting on communicable and non-communicable diseases, the development of medical systems and infrastructure to provide public access to health care services. Use the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder to find and create lesson plans on public health.


Abidjan: Post-War Health Care

 After violence in Ivory Coast ended, hospitals were flooded with injured who had been afraid to leave their homes. For many, prolonged lack of medical care turned normal problems into emergencies.

Toxic Red Flood

The lives of the citizens of Ajka were turned upside down October 4th, 2010 when the dam of an alumina plant reservoir collapsed, unleashing a flood of red alkaline sludge.

Chernobyl Survivor Shares Story, Advice for Japan

Former Chernobyl liquidator Natalia Manzurova experienced the devastating effects of nuclear power firsthand at the site of the worst nuclear accident in history.

Tuberculosis: A 21st Century Disease

TB killed 1.7 million individuals in 2009. Are we treating one of the world’s deadliest diseases with the equivalent of “muskets and sticks?