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Liberia: #Kony2012, meet #Todee2012

If the Internet can muster so much attention for one viral video, how about a little something for Todee, Liberia?

Citizen Journalism Paves the Way in Egypt

Citizen journalists in Egypt take personal and professional risks to document police brutality, crackdowns on dissent, and the causes of dissent - paving the way for traditional media to follow.

Egyptian Military Detains Prominent Activist

Alaa Abdel Fattah, a prominent Egyptian activist, has been charged with inciting violence during a protest earlier this month. His detention sparked anger toward the ruling military council.

Cuba: Texting the News

Pulitzer Center grantee Tracey Eaton talks with Nelson Rubio on the Miami radio program Actualidad 1020 AM about a new text messaging campaign in Cuba.