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DMZ: Stuck in Neutral

With a delegation marooned inside the no man's land between North and South Korea since 1953, Switzerland maintains fragile ties with the North.

Welfare Cuts: Blackpool Takes Stock

The UK's seaside resort of Blackpool will be hit hardest by welfare reform being implemented by the country's coalition government. Two community workers tell us the impact on the town and its people.

Jerusalem, Divided and United

Jerusalem, contested city of histories and memory, the meeting ground of two cultures, and three Abrahamic religions. Beliefs don't come quietly here, and clashes have the weight of centuries of hurt.

Britain: Austerity on the Ground

As welfare reforms begin to hit the UK, FT chief photographer Charlie Bibby visits three towns profiled in the FT's austerity audit to see what impact the cuts have had on local communities.

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