Some news stories require greater investments of time to report, with journalists conducting exhaustive investigations using data, public and private records and interviews with a host of sources. Pulitzer Center grantee stories tagged with “Investigative” feature in-depth reporting that delves deeply into serious issues. Use the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder to find and create lesson plans on investigative journalism.


Mali: The New Terrorist Training Ground

The U.S. has long seen the Middle East and South Asia as the central battlegrounds in the war against Islamist militants. That's changing: the new face of terror is an African one.

Peru: Trees on the Move

Part II: Wake Forest tropical biologist Miles Silman was attracted to the rain forests of southern Peru to study forest mechanics. Global warming made him shift his focus.

A Look at Global Warming from the Peruvian Andes

Part I: In the first segment of a five-part radio series, reporter Justin Catanoso takes listeners into the jungle in Peru's Amazon basin to witness the impact of global warming in the tropics.