Some news stories require greater investments of time to report, with journalists conducting exhaustive investigations using data, public and private records and interviews with a host of sources. Pulitzer Center grantee stories tagged with “Investigative” feature in-depth reporting that delves deeply into serious issues. Use the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder to find and create lesson plans on investigative journalism.


Iceland: Money from China

Grimmstadr, in the northeast of Iceland, has only nine residents, but the region has become the center of controversy due to a Chinese billionaire's interest in the area.

The Cost of Gold in Burkina Faso: Holes

To get at the gold beneath the soil in Burkina Faso, miners sink deep pits far below the surface. The work is dirty and dangerous. Many who toil in the underground darkness are children.

Guatemala: Eating Better for Two

Cooking classes are vital in reducing maternal and child malnutrition in Guatemala. Mothers-to-be learn about adding value to cream of potato soup.

The Cost of Gold: A Gold Mine is Born

With picks in hand, children in tow, and eager for quick profits, miners follow fresh rumors of gold hoping to strike it rich in remote regions of Burkina Faso.

Fixing Nigeria's Water Pumps

In Nigeria’s conservative north, a woman working under a scheme that strives to facilitate sustainable water pumps proves that what a man can do she can do just as well.